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How Is The Election Going To Affect The Market?

October 25, 2020

Michelle Bertram: “How is the election going to affect the market?” That’s a question I hear continually, almost every day right now. And Guy, you’re probably getting the same questions. Right. Guy Riccardi: Wait, this is an election this year? Yes. It has been a very common concern for people or something that is on…

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How Will The Election Affect The Stock Market?

October 19, 2020

How is the election going to affect the stock market? That’s a very popular question right now at Bertram Financial.   I’ve heard people’s hate and fears from both sides, worried that if Trump or Biden is elected that there will be a big unknown with the stock market.    It doesn’t matter what side…

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Bertram Financial - Life Insurance

Do I Need Life Insurance?

October 11, 2020

For just coming out of September and life insurance awareness month I thought I’d take some time and talk about the question, “Do I need life insurance in my retirement plan?”   There is not a one-size-fits-all answer. As with a lot of things, the answer depends on your overall plan.   Let’s talk about…

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Retirement Procrastination - Bertram Financial

The Greatest Threat to Retirement is Procrastination

October 4, 2020

What do you think is the greatest threat to your retirement?   Is it this election and who may win? Maybe you think it’s the Democrats, maybe you think it’s the Republicans, maybe you think it is taxes, maybe the greatest threat to your retirement is inflation, or what the government might do.   When…

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Conservation Easements and Opportunity Zones

September 28, 2020

Conservation easements and opportunity zones can be a great way to reduce your taxes, especially if you’re a high-income earner or deal with the buying and selling of a business or large property. As we look at and talk about taxes, it is always a hot topic. We recently posted a blog where we discussed…

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Should I Buy Gold and Silver?

September 20, 2020

Should I Buy Gold and Silver?   Should I buy gold and silver coins or should I invest in gold and silver ETF funds? That’s a question we often hear. In fact, in this last year, it has become more and more prominent.   I spoke with one of our gold and silver experts in…

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How Will The Election Affect Me and My Taxes?

September 13, 2020

How Will The Election Affect Me and My Taxes? I think it’s safe to say that none of us need to be reminded an election is coming up this year. Wherever we turn there is talk about it, especially with the Democratic and Republican Conventions just finishing.  When an election year is in full swing…

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What Are The Fees - Bertram Financial

What Are The Fees?

September 7, 2020

What Are The Fees? That’s a question we often get. What is the fee to work with us? What are the fees that I’m currently paying on my account? Are there hidden fees? Is it better to pay a fee or commission? I want to address this subject today by talking about a couple of…

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