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The Collaborative – Tax Incentives

October 21, 2020

Michelle Bertram  We’ve been talking a lot about taxes the fast few weeks and how it affects individuals, business owners.  I wanted to bring on another specialist today, Clark Stover. Clark is going to talk a little bit about some specialized tax incentives for businesses. So first Clark, why don’t you just tell me a…

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The Collaborative – Advanced Tax Planning

October 20, 2020

Michelle Bertram: Alright, everyone. So taxes are becoming a hot topic. It’s always this time of year with a lot of the extension deadlines and corporate deadlines too. And then this year is on top of the election talking about taxes continually. So I wanted to bring on and talk to our tax planning team…

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The Collaborative – Taxes

September 18, 2020

Conservation easements and opportunity zones can be a great way to reduce your taxes, especially if you’re a high-income earner or deal with the buying and selling of a business or large property. As we look at and talk about taxes, it is always a hot topic. We recently posted a blog where we discussed…

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