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Clarity gives you confidence to make the right decisions for you and your future.


You are not alone. You want a financial advisor on your side. We are here to help you make your retirement dreams possible.


Pursue your dreams and enjoy the lifestyle you want by planning for it today!

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Questions for a Financial Advisor?

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You have spoken to others, meet with a financial advisor a few times, attended events, and searched the web hoping to find answers. We live in a world of information overload. We have access to more resources and education today than ever before which only leads to more stress when looking for direction. You don’t know who to trust or what to believe, and you feel like you need a degree in finance to understand it all.

With more than four decades of combined retirement planning experience and after talking with thousands of people in a similar position, we realized these questions all lead back to one specific desire — having complete financial security for your life. We are here to help you achieve that.

Our proprietary Dream Retirement Process is designed to help our clients achieve simplicity and confidence during their retirement years. It’s focused around helping you be who you want to be, do what you want to do, spend time with those you want to be with, and have the impact you want to have — all while protecting yourself from life’s uncertainties.

What You Want

This goes beyond numbers. It is about what is important to you and why. It's about your values, your lifestyle, and your dreams. The next steps hinge on having a clear vision of what you want. This is what most financial plans miss.

What You Have

More than just a balance sheet or inventory of your assets has to be considered. Both are a good starting point, but then you have to go deeper. What type of risk do you have? Is your plan coordinated? What obstacles are in your way and what opportunities are available to you?

What You Need

If what you have is not or cannot provide what you want, then the question becomes, "What do you need?" Too often in the financial industry, advisors try to fit square pegs (aka different investments) into round holes, a backwards approach. Let’s determine what you need and then find the best solution.

What to do

In order for your Retirement DREAM to become a reality, you will have to take action. The key is knowing what actions to take. If we complete the first three steps but don’t take action, your DREAM Retirement stays just that — a dream.

4-steps for financial planning

Need a Financial Advisor? Meet Bev & Michelle

Bev and Michelle are the dynamic mother-daughter financial advisor team of Bertram Financial. They are a leading authority in retirement planning. Due to their unique approach of blending personal purpose with finances, they are highly sought-after speakers. As award-winning advisors and authors, their insights have been featured in national media such as Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, and The Money Show as well as their weekly Dream Retirement podcast.

Bev and Michelle Bertram, Financial Advisor Dodgeville WI

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