New Years Resolutions and the Balance Wheel

So, the time for New Year’s resolutions is almost here.


While most New Year’s resolutions fail, I think it is important to always have goals and be striving for something at any point in time of our life and in different areas in our life. 


The reason most goals fall is that we try to do too much. For example,  instead of trying to lose 20 pounds, we have to cut it in half and then half again and do 5. Once you get 5 you can get 10, and once you get 10 you can get 15. 


It’s cutting it back into smaller chunks and really making it so that not only do we have a goal, but we have an attainable way to get there, and we also have to be prepared for setbacks along the way. 



We have created some videos all around this to help with life balance when you’re looking at setting New Year’s resolutions. (or any goals)


Maybe a good place to start is to watch our balance wheel video and do the assessment yourself and see which areas in your life are a little out of whack. 


If you want that PDF form to follow along with the video you can download it here


Go through that video, give yourself a little assessment, figure out which areas in your life are out of balance, and then set some attainable goals to help you get there in order to achieve balance. 


This is important because no matter what we do in the financial aspect if you are not happy in your relationships or health or purpose or any other, you’re not going to feel balanced and fulfilled in life.


So make sure you check that out, see what areas need balance, and then make little goals so that we can get there. 


We’d be happy to encourage you, be a cheerleader, and cheer you on. 


So, if you watch that video and you set any goals, send them our way and we would love to be praying for you, encouraging you, and helping you in any way we can. 


Happy New Year. 

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