Financial Power Hour: 2022 Checklist Challenge

Financial Power Hour: 2022 Checklist Challenge
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Start 2022 with a new way to think about planning and hear what is most are the most important things you should do in 2022 from the eyes of a financial advisor, estate planning attorney and tax advisor.

Market Update

The market had some volatility but finished strong for 2021, then began 2022 with a good day followed by a rough week. Still uncertainty ahead…

  • Interest Rates
  • Inflation
  • Lockdowns
  • Great Reset?? New Financial System??
  • Bond yields still low- Fed reducing the number of treasuries
    • 60/40 Stock/Bond portfolio hasn’t worked *Barrons
    • REQUEST Whitepaper on Bond Alternatives!

It’s important to be sure your portfolio is being managed to your personal benchmark and agile to adjust to changes as we see how all of the above play out in 2022.

The 4 Aspects of your Financial Life 

What is most important in 2022? … that’s a trick question, it is whatever is most important to you! However, having all areas coordinated and working together is key!  Take the Checklist Challenge to help with this.

But even if your financial life is completely in order, if other areas of your life are out of balance you will still feel off. This is why the Balance Wheel is so important.

Financial Power Hour: 2022 Checklist Challenge: When you identify an area that needs improvement or you know where you want to go, how do you get there? How do you achieve your New Years Resolutions or reach your bright sunny future? This is where the ABC Choice model comes in!

Lastly, here are our top 5 Things To Do in 2022!

  1. Set up or review your Financial Power of Attorney! 
  2. Review your estate plan Are beneficiaries correct? Will or Trust up-to-date? Consider writing down special memories along with values that are important to you that you want to be sure others know and remember. 
  3. Set or review your personal benchmark and be sure all your accounts are performing accordingly. 
  4. Put your lazy money to work! If you have over $50,000 in cash-type accounts making next to nothing, it is time to put it to work! 
  5. Always keep learning! Check out all the NEW resources on our website, join our monthly First Friday Power Hour, read a new book (we have some great recommendations if you like!)


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