Women and Wealth Week

Women and Wealth Week Highlights

We just held a week-long session called Women and Wealth Week where we discussed all the different ways that women can become involved, educated, and take part in the financials in their life. From sharing resources to having discussions with various industry professionals, the Women and Wealth Week served as a way for women to connect and get a handle on where they stand in their personal life at relates to finances, including retirement and money management.

Monday Kickoff Event


We talked about some common portfolio wisdom and how there’s a lot of half-truths in our world. We dug a little deeper into the truth. In the group, there is a PDF in the file with all the Common Portfolio Wisdom truth and myths!


We also talked about the different financial personalities. This is very eye-opening on how each of these different financial personalities approaches planning and helps you know you are not alone! You can read more about the financial personalities in our Woman, Money, and Power blog.


Lastly, we did the exercise, we can’t go back and change what has already happened in our life, but we can change our future and use the rest of our time on this earth to do all we want to do and live a Bright Sunny Future! Health, Wealth, and Relationships all have to be in line and balanced to accomplish this!


Tuesday –

We started our dream retirement process. Well, actually we started in the morning because we’re going through all these new topics. 


We started the morning with Somatics. It’s just an easy way to release tension in our minds and bodies, allowing our body to heal itself in different areas. It’s really simple things that can have lasting benefits and make you feel better physically and mentally. 


Then we kicked off our dream retirement process with the focus of Tuesday being what you want. That’s the first step in the process and is the theme throughout the week as well. What you want is more than just dollars and cents, or products and financial vehicles, or tools and strategies. It’s about the things you want to be able to do, who you want to be able to do it with, what, how you want it to feel.


Ou roundtable lunch that day featured insights from other professionals including:


  •  The importance of having emergency savings


  • Things to think  about with family business in succession planning


  • The importance of “what if” planning and how different things you do in investments relates to taxes


  • The emotional aspects of buying and/or selling a house


  • Ensuring that what we have is protected with the right insurance and the benefits of having an umbrella liability policy


We ended Tuesday with a great conversation with Mary Helen talking about her favorite saying, “Life’s a daring adventure, and I’m not done yet!” It’s about being able to figure out what your passion, what’s your why. Whether you’re working, whether you’re retired, it’s living life to the fullest.




We started the day with our faith and finances conversation. We spend time with God in the morning and invite you to join as we talk about being a good steward of what God has given us.


The next step in our Dream Retirement Process is “What do you have.” This is more than just a financial inventory, although that is a great place to start! 


We continued that with lunch with Shayna. Shayna talked about the importance of starting with what you want your estate plan to do and then letting them help you with the right way to do it!


We also had a live replay on the Secrets of Investing with our portfolio manager Guy. He talks about some secrets about mutual funds, and bonds which is especially important with the environment we are living in! Just because you have 60% stocks (normally mutual funds) / 40% bonds that doesn’t mean you’re safe, you need to listen to these recordings and these insights from Guy. 


Guy will always do a review of your portfolio. Our option and attitude is always if what you have is good, it’ll be obvious and if it’s not then you need to understand why!


Lastly, we talked about the colors of money and setting your personal benchmark




The third step in our dream retirement process is “What do you need.”


This is all about having an integrated plan. We compare it to a blueprint. Everyone’s blueprint is a little bit different. And just like if you build a house, your blueprint is probably going to change many times.  What you need is a financial plan that’s agile and a plan that’s coordinated with all aspects of your financial life.


At lunch, we heard from 3 amazing ladies on our peer panel. They shared about being financially secure, pursuing their passions, and the importance of good communication along with other valuable insights. 


Next, there is another live replay with Guy and Neil, s tax expert on our team about Tax secrets and Investing. There are things you should be looking at, and especially right now we’re halfway through the year and this is our time to make sure we’re making some changes so we don’t end up getting hit with taxes at the end of the year. Neil also about some of the ways to help reduce the lifetime tax on your retirement accounts.




The last step of our Dream Retirement process is “What to do.”


Women and Wealth Week, It is key that your plan is coordinated with all aspects of your financial life; tax planning, investment positioning, cash flow management, which is retirement income, and estate preservation. In our Dream Retirement 101 Webinar, we discussed the big ideas and keys in the areas of tax planning in the areas of retirement income and investment positioning. 


What to do is going to be different for each person, but it all starts with a conversation.


You’re smart and you’re intelligent and you’ve done a lot of things. No matter what your financial personality is, there are things you’ve probably done to get you to where you’re at now. But to get to where you want to go to it is time to take it to the next level. 


We provide reviews all the time, our goal is not to change everything,, but to see if what you have is good. If it is, it’ll be evident, and you’ll feel more confident just knowing that. But if it’s not, if there’s anything in your plan that’s not good that could cause issues, then you need to know about it.


We ended the week with a simple ABC Exercise. We don’t want to do anything because honestly, not very few of us like any changes and even sometimes having a conversation can be challenging. The ABC tool helps you anytime you feel stuck. 


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