Should I convert to a ROTH IRA?

Should I convert to a ROTH IRA?

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Should I convert to a ROTH IRA?

To convert or not to convert… It depends!

Consideration One: What tax rate will you pay to convert?

You can find the 2018 tax tables online to use for a simple calculation. For example, if your married and your income is $80,000 and you want to convert $100,000 of your IRA’s to a ROTH, you would fall into the 24% tax bracket after taking the standard deduction (not accounting for state taxes). Please consult with your tax advisor for more information regarding your personal situation.)

Consideration Two: Will a conversion affect any of my other benefits?

As with any financial decision, I would recommend you consult with an advisor to see what will be best for you to help you achieve your goals and live your dream retirement. There are other ROTH alternatives that may make more sense for you or it may not make sense to convert at all. It is important to consider all factors and not make any financial decision in a vacuum.

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