Power Hour: Little Known Financial Tool

Power Hour: Little Known Financial Tool

A Market Update – What’s hot and what’s not! Stock Market, Bonds, Crypt0, Gold, and more

Market Trends continue to be favorable, but there are aspects of concern that could lead to some volatility. Bonds are also facing challenges and might not be the right place for conservative investors. 

Tip of the Month – Umbrella Liability insurance is like having “pre-paid” legal for about $200 per year!

Giveaways- Free resources, downloads, and gifts! (listen in for details!)

Featured Topic –

A Little Know Financial “multi” tool that the wealthy use to…

  • Add a tax-free asset class to your portfolio
  • Eliminate tax and market risk in your retirement accounts
  • Guarantee your legacy to your kids
  • Find a better way to self-insure for Long Term Care costs
  • Plus, Lock in rates of services at today’s costs for future planning with a final expense plan

Living Your Dream Stories –

It’s not just about money, it’s about what you want to do, the impact you want to make and your purpose – pursuing your passions and living your dreams! Learn how others use this multi-tool to put their “Lazy money to work, their financial worries to rest, and are living their dreams!

Schedule a call to us today. We’ll do a review for you and let’s get you on track to be in harmony with long-term market trends.



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