More than Money (Part 1)

More than Money (Part 1)

More than Money – Life Reimagined

Retirement is defined in many different ways; some call it phase two or their second act, some call it re-discovery, for others it’s the golden years. However, you define retirement, there is one thing in retirement that everyone is striving for, financial peace and security to live the lifestyle they want. It’s not being tied to a job, even if working is still part of the plan, but it’s the freedom to do what you want when you want.

Financial security, financial peace is part of life’s balance wheel, but equally important are your passions, pursuing that which is meaningful and significate to you, making an impact.

The first challenge is transitioning not just where your paycheck is coming from, but what your next step. Life reimagined is a great book that AARP used to help us think about the new retirement – life reimagined.

The book features six guideposts that can help you find your way on your individual journey.

The first step is to Reflect. This is a call to pause before you start the journey and then at various steps along the way, understanding that change and choice occur from the inside out.

Reflection involves revisiting the narrative in your head about your life up until this time. You don’t have to automatically extend that narrative into your future; you can weave an entirely new story for yourself.

Start the process by asking how you wound up where you are today: What goals and values-led you here? Looking forward, what is most important to you? What choices are you likely to face in the years ahead? What possibilities would you most like to pursue? Are you satisfied with how you spend your days? As you ponder these questions, you can begin to say no to the things that clutter your life, and yes to those that give you purpose.

Traditional retirement planning talks about the money, and how much you need to retire, but it is more than math.

More than Money (Part 1): When I was in high school taking algebra, I hated everything but word problems. I think it is because the word problems gave meaning to the math. I find the same is true with my work now. The numbers, the math part of my work takes on meaning when I know why and what we are wanting to do, what the life reimagined looks like including the passions, meaning, and significance. So, take some time to reflect and stay tuned for the next life-reimagined guidepost.

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