Is Picking an Advisor like Luck of the Irish?

Is Picking an Advisor like Luck of the Irish?

Are all advisors the same? How do I know if I am working with a specialist? Jim, Spring Green WI

In this complex area of retirement planning, you need to work with a specialist. A specialist focuses on you, works exclusively with people just like you and is an acknowledged all-star.


A Specialist Focuses on You and Your Issues

The best way to determine someone’s focus is to spend some time with them.

“I barely had time to speak,” complained Anna, a retired woman on her own, who attempted to interview an advisor to determine if they were a specialist. That’s a real tipoff that you’re not with a true specialist: they do most of the talking when you first get together.

The second tipoff you can gather is from what they talk about. Are they helping you think about your dreams and concerns… or are they talking about what they do? The first job of a true specialist is to help you determine what’s most important to you and what’s most urgent.

Lastly, do you understand them—do they speak in plain English or techno-talk? You also want to see a description of their Unique Process. Is it their own or someone else’s process?


A Specialist Helps People Just Like You

You need to ask the advisor a few questions:

What is your professional specialty? May I see a Sample Plan? What percentage of your time is spent doing planning with individuals or business owners like myself?  Do you have a description of your Ideal Client? How much have you saved your clients in taxes through your planning?


A Specialist Is an Acknowledged All-Star

Every profession knows its ‘all-stars.’ All-star speaks to proven performance. There is a big difference between even a major leaguer and an all-star.

Is Picking an Advisor like Luck of the Irish? All-stars can often be identified as those who are respected by industry leaders in their field! As well as those whose advice published or sought after by other centers of authority. Here are a few good questions: Where have your articles been published? Any radio or television appearances? Have you received any recognition from your industry leaders?

Warren Buffet said his advisors must be someone he can trust implicitly; someone who is at the top of their game professionally; and someone he enjoys spending time with. To me, that’s another way to say: specialist… an advisor who focuses on you works exclusively with people just like you and is an all-star.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day but remember, don’t leave the important things in your life to luck!

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