Important Memo – FDIC Bankers Lack Confidence in the FDIC

The FDIC is what insures your bank deposits and knowing something is FDIC insured, often gives people a sense of comfort or security.

However, Wall Street Silver on Twitter recently posted a video from an FDIC meeting of bankers talking about the banking system and their lack of faith in it. Did you catch that last part?…

The bankers at this meeting do not have faith in the FDIC if a financial crisis happens! But they do not want the public to know this (they actually same that the public knowing would cause unintended consequences 🤔).

FDIC has about 125B in assets to insure 9T in deposits, how much confidence does that give you?

So, what should you do about it?

Obviously, you need to have money in the bank for ongoing expenses and emergencies, but above that, look to other solutions.

We mentioned some cash or CD alternatives before, many of these alternatives have better returns than CDs, better liquidity, and better tax advantages. So, call us about them before you renew or invest in a CD.

But I also want to talk about another type of wealth insurance – Gold and Silver coins.

The banker’s lack of faith in the system, it brings the need for wealth insurance more into the spotlight.

The recommendation is to have about 10% of your net worth in physical gold or silver.

This is non-reportable
The liquid in the case of a financial crisis
Maintains purchasing power year after year

We have done many videos and interviews in the past with our gold and silver experts…

We can also schedule a call with our team to answer any of your questions. You can find out more about our team here-
If you don’t have wealth insurance, AKA physical gold, and silver, then call us today!

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