Haiti Update and Upcoming Trip – You can help!

Haiti Update and Upcoming Trip – You can help! As you may know, we support four orphanages in Haiti, going once a year to visit and check on them. Last year on our trip, we discovered real issues with the director at one orphanage, she became greedy for personal gain and started neglecting the kids. Most of the kids had lost weight. It was really sad and discouraging. But God had made connections that would help with this. Two years before we meet Shelly, her family, and the team at Maranatha Ministries. They have since taken over all food distribution.

With FREM, the problem orphanage, Shelly hired two cooks who go to the house daily to feed the kids. All the kids are doing better and gaining weight! They love the cooks and ask every day if they are coming back tomorrow. However, even with that, Carol the director at FREM has gotten worse. She sold all the kids beds and clothes.

Here is another weird story with Carol from Shelly:

Also – and this is a really weird story (although we’ve heard some very similar a number of times) – her husband (David) was “sold” to a daygon (I don’t know the spelling but a witchdoctor/voodoo/spiritist creepy/evil person) by his “boss.”  Haiti Update and Upcoming Trip – You can help! They did something to him (in Haiti they would say they made him into a zombie) and now he doesn’t know who he is.  He was missing for four days – and so Carole went to see “her” daygon to figure out where in the heck her husband was.  He did his weird magic and told them all of the above details.  The weird part is that they did find him there and something has been done to him; he is out of his mind now.

Last year we talked about spiritual warfare, Light vs. Dark (John 10:10), this is reality playing out.

The other orphanages are doing well, Agape and LMT are happy with the food and are giving Big Eyes update sheets every month, but at this point, Shelly has not found a consisted way to get them to me. (working on it for better updates for everyone).

CHOAIDS publishes their own update newsletter; you can read more on their website. https://www.choaids.org/

We are planning the next trip for Feb 10-17th 2019 – Just two week away! You can learn more and see our full list of donation needs here.

The online donation tool on our website is up and running as well.

Thank you to all who have supported the kids with monthly donations this year. They would not be able to be fed without you!  www.operationgohaiti.org


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