First Friday Live: Daring Adventure Continues

Welcome to our First Friday Live where we speak with Mary Helen Conroy of Life’s A Daring Adventure. On the First Friday of each month we will go LIVE on Facebook with a special guest to talk about a timely topic.


One of the things to do going into 2021 is to take some time to do the “three Rs” that Mary Helen talks about, which is to review, retreat.


What’s gone on in the last year? Maybe your life over the last year, your life up until this point, especially if you’re in retirement or you’re almost ready to retire, review the things we review, what you like, review what you didn’t like, take time to really examine and think about who you are and what you want to do going forward.


Is there something, is there a dream that you have that you push down and that you kind of neglected forever because you’ve been so busy with other things that you want to bring back to light? Take some time to review that.


What makes you mad in this world that you could do something about? Review and then take some time to retreat. Some time for yourself to really think. Sometimes where your retreat can be together, because truthfully, you can review in a little bit of a better way, but it also in that retreat time, you can also think about reinventing now.


You know, what kind of impact do you want to make with your family or your community? What is it that Covey says? Begin with the end in mind.


And it might sound crazy, but I think about this often. What if I wasn’t here on this earth? What would I want people to say about me?


A great guy just recently passed away. He was my gym teacher. He probably taught half of the town how to drive. And one of the things that was sad is he was a man with a really kind heart. They asked everybody just to do random acts of kindness, remember that, and it is the legacy that was left.


Begin with that end in mind and then live like that every day, because you can touch so many lives because as Mary says, “if you’re not dead, you’re not done.”


I like to say the same. If you’re, if you’re not dead, God’s not done with you. You have plans.


Now I do want to flip it too, as we kind of put it into our financial side. We want to make sure that you know that the first step of our process is, “What do you want? ”


I think that’s important because it has more to do with all that we’ve been talking about than it does with the dollar. It comes down to how much do you need to feel financially secure? Because if you’re worried about money and you’re worried you’re not going to have enough, or you’re worried that the market is this or that, or whatever, if you’re worried about money, you’re not going to think about your dreams and the other things that you can do.


So it’s important to kind of have that good foundation. Then we go into, what do you have? This is more of a balance sheet, but you know, what do you really have? What are some of the risks you have going into 2021?


With the economy, the market, the taxes, all that stuff you want to know what the risks are and where the opportunities are.


Next, we talk about what do you need? What should we do about it? And how can we fix this problem? How can we get you that income that you need, whatever it is so that you have financial security?


Finally, we cover what to do, which is a simple action plan. If you have that financial security in place, you feel more confident. Does your financial company take that worry off your mind?


So you can do all these other things that we talked about. Then when we send everything out, we have a course, Four Steps to Your Dream Retirement.


Take the course, you can download a free copy of some chapters of our book, Creating Your Dream Retirement. If you are retired or thinking about retirement and you haven’t walked through all that process with us yet, I encourage you to look.


Below is the information for the course as well as links to Mary Helen’s website and book. If you guys want a quick read her book is great. If you want to talk to her more, go to her website, see what else is going on.


Keep thinking this way, just as she said, you’re not done. Make sure you keep thinking about it. Let’s make 2021 fun! You can do that because life is a daring adventure and God’s not done with you yet.


So if that’s what has you worried, we’ll make sure that you get that in place. Then take some of these resources and go with them.


I appreciate your time today, Mary Ellen. It’s always inspiring.


You’re not down here. Life is a daring adventure. I think no more daring than this year. And I guess too, no matter what happens in the next few days, weeks, months, you know, take care of yourself and do the things that you’re passionate about.


So take care of yourself, yes, but do it in a way that you’re thinking about how you’re making an impact on others. Does that make sense?


You know, that’s how you take care of you is you is what you can do for this world, what you can do to make a difference. And when you’re doing that it’s more blessed to give than receive. I think it’s true when you’re making an impact, it helps you more when you’re helping other people.


Mary Helen

If I can ever help please feel free to reach out. All the best in 2021. Thank you, Michelle.


Mary Helen’s book can be found at and her website is

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