First Friday Focus Annual Financial State Of The Union

A Mission Critical Look at Market Shifts in 2023: As we pause to think about how remarkable 2023 has been, we would be remised if we didn’t take the time to ponder the numerous unexpected market shifts that arose throughout the year. To truly understand the trying year that was 2022 given inflation and rate dependency obstacles, and the resulting implications on the carry market, we must first forecast the biggest take-aways from our State of the Union calls for it is here that we made Investing decisions that became strategic post re-pricing in the back half of 2023.

Balancing Opportunities and Risks in 2024: Outlook for 2024: Heading into 2024, we continue to have a constructive outlook, but we are mindful of the potential headwinds. This involves managing valuations, understanding the role of the Fed, contemplating election year dynamics and adapting your portfolio for the different age (and life) stages of your investors. The bottom line here is to be nimble in your portfolios and manage risks and growth opportunities in 2024.

Navigating Life Changes That Impact Your Retirement: Many retirees, transitioning into retirement or moving from wealth accumulation to income generation want more personalized strategies. Important aspects for people in these situations are: Managing risk, have an adequate income with (and low) employment risk, and shifting strategies from those emphasizing accumulation to those emphasizing income.

Retirement Simplified – Musical Tastes Meets Diversified Investments Retirement Income, Eating Pop Rocks, AND Bubbles In Your Coke I’m at that age where people want to give me retirement advice. They say I dress like I’m in my twenties, listen to music made by people in their twenties, and watch Netflix like I’m still a teenager. But I get their point.

They’d prefer if I acted older once in a while, like while I think about my future. So their heartfelt advice begins. And I sit there and take in some of it, but I emphasize some. Because not all retirement advice is worth hearing.

Much of it is repetitive, talking mostly about income, balanced investments, the retirement stage, the pre-retirement stage, the right way to have investments, how and where to invest your money, and how to keep everything safe and secure. I don’t know who ever started doing retirement like that. It really puts the K-I-S-S rule to shame. You know that’s the Keep It Simple, Stupid rule? It’s funny. But you’re not stupid. You’re you. And you’re ready for advice to apply to your retirement.


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