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Financial Personalities: My son Asher has quite an entertaining personality. Whether we’re sitting with other families out in the lobby at a baseball tournament or on the bleachers at a game, he usually has a crowd cracking up. Someone recently asked me if he is funny all the time, and the answer is no, sometimes he can be quite stubborn too! The truth is, we all have different personalities, and it’s important to understand and navigate them as we interact with others.

For example, my other son, Asa is very literal. He’s on a new baseball team, and I made sure to tell the coach this so he could better understand how to coach him. Asa takes instructions very literally, sometimes to a fault. You have to tell him when to watch the ball and when to watch the coach.. Understanding these different personalities is something we become accustomed to when we spend time around kids. It applies to all of us. We all have unique personalities. The same is true when it comes to our financial personalities and how we relate to money. Our roles, communication styles, decision-making processes, and sense of control regarding our financial future are all influenced by our financial personality.




How to Best Work with an Advisor

Understanding your financial personality helps you determine who to work with as an advisor and how to make the most of that relationship. It also allows advisors like myself to better understand and assist you. Take some time to reflect and identify which financial personality resonates with you, then click on your financial personality below to discover how to best work with an advisor that matches your personality.

Five Financial Personalities

Let’s discuss five different financial personalities that might help you better understand where you fit in. Then we’ll explore how to work with an advisor and communicate effectively in a relationship based on your financial personality.

Are You A Financial Dreamer

Financial dreamers often find money and investing to be intimidating, and there’s no need to feel ashamed if you fall into this category. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, you likely specialize in other areas of life.

Feeling intimidated by money matters can lead to a sense of helplessness and dependence on others to handle your finances. If you’re in a relationship or married, you might find yourself deferring to your partner for financial decisions. While this arrangement can work for a while, it may leave you feeling out of control and helpless if something were to happen to your partner.

For financial dreamers, the idea of making financial decisions may bring about a feeling of hopelessness, causing them to delegate this responsibility to someone else. It’s essential to recognize that this financial personality is a valid approach to money matters. Understanding this can be the key to transitioning from a sense of hopelessness to a state of peace and empowerment.

Are You A Financial Avoider?

The financial avoider, on the other hand, feels overwhelmed by the multitude of financial choices and lacks knowledge when it comes to money matters and financial planning. You feel like you have a lack of knowledge so you may have tried Google and you get 1000s of answers or results that often contradict so you’re left feeling more confused than when you started.

The vastness of options and information available can be paralyzing. As a result, you may procrastinate, avoid making decisions, and delay securing your financial future. Recognizing your tendency to avoid financial matters is the first step toward taking control.

Are You A Financial Initiator

The financial initiator is a self-assured and empowered individual who knows what they want when it comes to financial goals and how to achieve them. You’re clear about your objectives and open to working with someone to accomplish them. This financial personality exudes confidence and optimism, taking proactive steps to secure a stable financial future.

Are You A Financial Collaborators

Financial collaborators thrive in cooperative relationships, especially within a marriage or partnership. You find happiness and stability by making financial decisions jointly with your partner. Sharing equal responsibility provides comfort to your family. However, it’s essential to have a backup plan in case something happens to your partner.

Are You A Financial Analyzer

The financial analyzer possesses a deep understanding of finances and takes the initiative to thoroughly research every option. You’re meticulous, comparing prices and seeking the best deals. Your decisions are well-informed, weighing the pros and cons. However, there is a risk of getting too caught up in analysis paralysis, obsessing over finding the perfect option, and forgetting about other important values beyond price tags.



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