February Power Hour – The Smartest Investment

February Power Hour – The Smartest Investment

Below are some of the things we discussed in our February Power Hour / Market Update

  • What drove the market’s returns in 2021
  • The shift going into 2022
  • Healthy correction or beginning of a bear?
  • What our portfolio managers do to protect your accounts and position them for success
  • How to set your personal benchmark


The Smartest Investment – IUL (Index Universal Life Insurance)

The many ways you can use an IUL – retirement income planning,  estate planning, tax planning and the ROTH alternative, self-insuring long-term care, and more!

February Power Hour – The Smartest Investment: The IUL Costs and Mechanics – What is the true cost of an IUL, it is not your typical life insurance! How interest is calculated is one of the features that make IULs so attractive, you get to participate in some of the market gains but take zero market losses.

The Press and IULs – Debunking some of the common myths about IULs, what the experts are saying…

Contract Law vs Legislative Lax – What is it and why it is important to you!

IUL Live Your Dream Stories – Why are others using IULs as part of their Dream Retirement plan.

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