Women and Wealth – May Power Hour


Women and Wealth Peer Panel

Carol Ebert, Wellness Coach
A pioneer in the Wellness Industry, Carol is on the cutting edge of online marketing, highly creative, and passionate about wellness. She doesn’t give up on YOU becoming successful. Carol Ebert has been very successful in the wellness industry for over 30 years and is driven to help others meet their needs and reach their full potential.

Bethany Ease, Field Director with Allianz Life

With over 18 years of financial services industry experience,
Bethany focuses on delivering Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
(Allianz) product knowledge and industry concepts to serve Allianz customers.

Bethany earned her BBA in risk management and insurance from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has her Series 6 and 63 securities registrations and her State of Minnesota Accident & Health, Life insurance licenses.

In her free time, Bethany enjoys running and has completed three marathons. She is also an avid reader. Bethany and her husband reside in Hopkins, MN.

Danielle Burza-Smith, Partner Estate Law Partners

Danielle has been helping families with their estate planning and administration needs since 2012. A Michigan native, Danielle graduated from Northern Illinois University College of Law in 2010.

Danielle prides herself on her organization, attention to detail, and ability to see the forest through the trees. All of these are the cornerstones of a great estate plan or estate administration.

Danielle continues to focus her practice exclusively on estate planning, wills, trusts and probate, and trust administration. She was honored to be named Time’s Person of the Year for 2006.

Danielle lives in Rockford with her husband and Boston terrier Lucy who is the star of many viral TikToks.

Highlights from the Discussion

The History of Women and Wealth

Roles have changed over the years from the days of I Love Lucy where the wives received an allowance to today where many women are the primary or sole breadwinners and even more consider themselves to be the CFO of their household.

The difference between Men and Women when it comes to planning…


  • Make quicker decisions and follow hot tips
  • Men are more analytical and tend to take more risks


  • Take a more holistic approach to planning
  • Approach financial decisions from a more emotional, value-driven perspective

In addition, women tend to outlive men which means that at some point, current statistics show that there are 4 times more widows than widowers. This means many women will be solely responsible for household finances at some point in their lives.

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Post 2020
Overall women are more stressed about financial matters, and many also feel a sense of hopelessness given the events of the past few years.

However, others are now more motivated than ever to take action and take back control of their financial future. Fear often catapults change, the question is making sure its the right changes and not being overwhelmed by fear and worry.

Final Advice

Bethany – Pay attention to what money messages you learned and what money messages you are teaching. (more to come on this..)

Carol – Have a team to help you with health and wealth

Danielle –  Cut yourself a break, especially if you are dealing with a loss

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