Start Today

5 Principles to Restore Order and keep you well!

Number One – Start Today

This is about making a decision. Decide comes from the same word as homicide, which means to kill all alternatives. Making a decision may mean you quit putting your head in the sand like the ostrich hoping everything will work out. It may mean you decide to get organized and talk to someone. It may mean you quit thinking about what to do and make a decision to move forward.

You have to take action to experience a different result. Remember how Einstein defines insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Humm… How could that be true financially? Investing? Taxes?

Too often people are stuck in quicksand and will either stand there sinking without really noticing until it’s too late or they make quick, rash decisions that take them under faster. It is the slow, deliberate movements that free you from the quicksand. Start today isn’t about acting rashly, it is about deliberately deciding to take action.

Action is required to change anything.

Albert Einstein was once asked what man’s greatest invention was.

Compound interest has an exponential impact over time, but it works for good and bad. Mistakes compound as well and they cost you exponentially over time. So the reason you need to act now is that compound mistakes will cost you more as time goes one.

The cost of waiting may be catastrophic and you’ll never get a chance to fix what you didn’t do. The cost of waiting may mean losing half of your portfolio in the next market crash and having to delay retirement or change your lifestyle. It could mean giving your legacy to Uncle Sam instead of your family. It could mean many things, sometimes you may be able to put a dollar amount on the cost of waiting and sometimes you can’t. Procrastination is probably the greatest danger to your success.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. ~ Mark Twain

People often ask what action they should take, our answer is always the same and really simple, Principle Two – Begin with what’s important and that may include having an opportunities conversation with someone as well. Stay tuned next week!

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