Inspiring Women Recap

Inspiring Women Recap:

We had a great time at the Inspiring Women event this fall! We really appreciate spending time with women (and men) who value learning and are taking control of their future! Too many in our world just let life happen to them. We always walk away from nights like that refreshed!

The foundation of our events was this: Relationships x Health x Finances equals a bright, sunny future!  But anything times zero is zero. All these areas affect the other. It is the more than math part of this equation that is most important, the financial or math piece is only important because of what is important else wise, the why. Numbers alone mean nothing.

The financial industry as a whole is not working for you, but for itself and its advisors. Our goal is to empower you to make it work for you as it should. You don’t need a fancy plan with lots of reports that mean very little to you. What you need is answers to these important questions:

  • What risks are in your portfolio and what does that mean to you and the values you listed? How does it compare, not to the market benchmark, but ​to your personal benchmark?
  • When can you retire and do the things you want? Will you have the income you need, and will it last?
  • What role is the IRS playing in your retirement, and is Uncle Sam your number one beneficiary?

Inspiring Women Recap: These are the questions you need to be answered to ensure the financial part of your equation is in order. We just talked to someone today who was at one of the events. She told us she had been praying, looking for someone to be able to talk to and get some questions answered. But the catch is, that we have to fit you in between our client meetings.

Lastly, we gave our Colors of Money guide to all attendees and want to offer that to you as well. This guide will go give you an overview of the colors of money but most importantly it will give you the tools needed to make the financial industry work for you!

It doesn’t matter what you have if you work with an advisor, or where you are in life… Whether we meet or not, we are here to answer your questions and help you live your dreams with confidence and peace.

Michelle Bertram and Beverly Bertram are financial advisors living in Mineral Point WI and serving the surrounding communities. Michelle Bertram does financial planning for retirees along with business consulting. Beverly Bertram specializes in retirement planning and income planning for her clients. Michelle Bertram and Beverly Bertram are authors of the book, Creating You DREAM Retirement and creators of the DREAM Retirement Process. Serving Madison WI, Verona WI, Mount Horeb WI, Barneveld WI, Dodgeville WI, Dubuque IA, Platteville WI, Lancaster WI, Cuba City WI, Fennimore WI, Darlington WI, Monroe WI, Spring Green WI, Black Earth WI and beyond


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