Inspiring Women (part 2)

Women – Despite all the challenges you face, you continue to revolutionize your role with money, yet you probably still have many questions such as, “How do I find the information I need?” and “Who should I work with?”

In an Allianz study, they found women respond to those questions and others by assuming one of five distinct financial personas. Each one is of these behavior types is characterized by unique attitudes and behaviors towards money and powers.

Financial dreamer

Intimidated by money and investing you feel helpless and hope someone else will help you take care of your financial life. For those in a relationship, you tend to defer all financial matters to your partner. Regardless of marital status, having a good financial advisor you can depend on is extremely important to you.

Financial avoider

Inspiring Women (part 2) : You feel overwhelmed by all the choices available to you, but a lack of knowledge keeps you from taking the steps necessary to ensure your financial security. You need a financial advisor who can give you the information you need in a way you can understand and guide you thru the process, step by step.

Financial initiator

You are self-assured, empowered and optimistic, you’re quite clear about your financial goals and how to achieve them, at least up to this point but you realize during life transitions, like retirement, you need some help.  You take initiative to find an advisor who you can go to for advice and guidance.

Financial collaborator

You provide financial comfort and stability to those around you. In a relationship, you and your partner share equally in financial decisions including working with an advisor.

Financial analyzer

Inspiring Women (part 2)You have a good understanding of basic finances and take initiative to research investment options and track results. You are a comparison shopper, and avid saver and do not spend above your means. When working with an advisor, you need to know the why behind the recommendation and feel confident in the track record.

When an advisor takes the time to know your personal behavior type, they will better understand you and in turn, better lead you in planning to achieve financial security.

*Source the Allianz Women, Money and Power Study

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