Estate Planning Spotlight – Feb 28

Estate Planning Spotlight – Feb 28: If you think about the medieval period, what comes to mind? For me, it’s kings, queens, knights, and castles with moats.

I was just reading a book with Asa about a knight, it described the sun reflecting off his armor, which made it shine. I guess that’s why they have the term knight in shining armor!


Let’s think of our wealth as a castle. You have built your kingdom and you have a castle with all of your wealth. You want to protect it so you build walls and a moat,  to protect it.

A good estate plan is the walls and moats protecting your castle, your wealth, along with all your personal choices and everything that is important to you.

This consists of legal work as well as the right insurance, which can is also part of estate preservation, we’re protecting our castle by building the walls with insurance and legal documents.

However, there is one area that most people forget about, and that is coverage to protect against inflation and currency risk.

The world we live in is a little bit crazy, with inflation soaring. Everything is built on the US dollar, which is a fiat currency meaning it is not backed by anything. So how is the value determined, and what happens now when some countries are deciding to go back to the gold standard? This is what we call currency risk.

An important part of estate preservation is protecting your wealth from inflation and currency risk. This isn’t done through legal work and normal insurance but through wealth insurance.

Wealth insurance is physically owning gold and silver.

If we look back over time, even from when the kings and queens ruled, gold and silver have always kept up their value.

We cover this more extensively in our power hour last year, Inflation Protection and Wealth Insurance.

Owning physical medals is not re-portable, it is not public and that also means gains are not taxable.

Investing in medals is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s a very important part of protecting your wealth.

This is the one insurance that doesn’t cost you anything. Of course, it cost to buy gold and silver, but you are buying something tangible with actual value. You could go buy a car tomorrow with that gold or silver if you wanted.

It will always be worth something and it has always kept its value over time.

Gold and silver are tangible assets that you have and will continue to protect your wealth, aka your castle now and for generations to come.

It really does take us back to the medieval period with gold and silver that the kings and queens used long ago.

The recommendation is about 10 to 15% of your net worth in physical gold and silver as wealth insurance.

If you want to learn more, watch any of our previous videos on this, or just let us know and we’ll schedule a call with our team of experts.

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Investing vs Collecting

It’s important to know that the gold and silver market is not a very regulated industry. There’s a huge difference between investing and collecting. That difference is important to note when choosing someone to work with. Many people are selling over-price “collectible” coins. (learn more about this here)

Estate Planning Spotlight – Feb 28: We’ve vetted out a team of experts to use to work with to make sure that we are providing you with the best wealth insurance that you can get, the one insurance that doesn’t cost you anything but always protects your wealth, gold & silver.

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