Meet Bev and Michelle Bertram


Founders of Bertram Financial

Bev and Michelle Bertram are both licensed insurance professionals and Investment Adviser Representatives serving as fiduciaries to their clients. With more than four decades of combined experience working with thousands of people throughout the Midwest, they created a proprietary system that guides people through all aspects of retirement, such as investment positioning, income planning, tax laws, estate preservation and legacy planning.

Authors of “Creating Your Dream Retirement”

After seeing firsthand how wrong financial information can ruin financial futures and crush dreams, Bev and Michelle are on a mission to change the financial industry, to turn confusion into clarity and see people live their dreams. Their book, “Creating Your Dream Retirement,” is not another book about money — it’s about you, your family and your dreams.


We Believe ....

  • In the value of relationships
    The first relationship we value is our relationship with God. We strive to honor Him in all we do.
    We believe in open and honest communication, being an encouragement and building relationships with clients and business partners who are likable, coachable and ethical.
  • In the value of learning and personal growth
    We also believe in the value of coaching, personal growth and learning — both for our clients and ourselves. We continue to further our knowledge each year by attending multiple coaching and training events. We believe in a humble attitude, an open mind, a commitment to take action and passion for a purpose.
  • In the value of a team and a macro-financial strategy
    We also believe in macro-financial planning and the value of a team approach. In macro-financial planning, all areas of a financial strategy are reviewed, including tax planning, cash flow management, investment positioning, estate preservation and all that entails. In order to provide a macro-financial strategy, we work with other professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, money managers and other financial advisors.
  • In the value of giving back
    We believe in giving back and being a good steward. A big part of that, we feel, is taking care of the poor, as there are thousands of scriptures referring to this very topic. We give to different organizations on a local and international level, but the greatest by far is our Operation Go projects in Haiti, which include three orphanages. Please go to to learn more.

Things We Love