If you’re a financial collaborator, it’s likely that you and your partner make decisions together. It’s important to find an advisor whom both of you can relate to and trust.


Working with someone who is liked by one person and disliked by the other can create communication challenges. You need an advisor who can effectively communicate with both of you and become a valuable part of your team.


The advisor’s role is not to take charge, but rather to listen to you, help you make decisions together, and offer financial guidance. Just like you collaborate with your partner, you should collaborate with your advisor, and bounce ideas off them.


Metaphorically speaking, instead of being on the opposite side of the table, they should sit beside you as part of your team. Your advisor should be someone you can approach with any financial matter, knowing that they are on your side, ready to guide you.


We, as advisors, enjoy collaborating with husband and wife or partners who work well together and include us in their financial journey. Our goal is to be part of your team and assist you in making decisions that affect you financially, helping you to have a better sense of financial security. I’m excited to speak with you and hear your thoughts, questions or concerns.

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