“Creating Your Dream Retirement:
How to Live Your Dream and Leave a Legacy”


Today's Retirement Challenges:

  • Market volatility
  • Economic concerns
  • Ever-changing tax codes
  • Increasing longevity
  • Global pandemics

Confused and worried about retirement?

With market volatility, economic concerns and ever changing tax codes, retiring today is challenging.

Many people today are not prepared for retirement. The next big market downturn could cause retirement to be delayed or force retirees to go back to work. Remember those dateline stories in 2008 talking about these stories? History repeats itself because the people that will be affected now were not affected then.

We have seen firsthand how wrong financial information can ruin financial futures and crush dreams.

It’s like we see a house on fire — it is our responsibility to tell the family sitting down to dinner oblivious to the danger coming that danger is coming!

That’s why we wrote this book. We are on a mission to change the financial industry, to turn confusion into clarity and see people live their dreams. It is not another book about money — it's about you, your family and the dreams you have.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Dream Retirement Process

This book will walk you through the Dream Retirement Process. This, simple 4-step method will help you:

  • Define what you want
  • Understand what you have
  • Create your dream blueprint
  • Establish a plan of action

As you read and take this journey, you will meet others who have gone down this same path and are now living their dream retirement!


Read Creating Your Dream Retirement to Find...



This book will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the financial industry and unveil some of the best-kept financial secrets.



You'll understand how to stay the course or make a change to realize your retirement dream, relieving yourself of anxiety and confusion.



You are not alone! Access a network of professionals with the resources, opportunities, and answers you need for your dream retirement.

This process has helped others to ...

... avoid potential disaster by reducing their market risk which ensured that their income was guaranteed for both spouses.

… establish a plan that protected their current lifestyle and ensured the legacy they wanted to leave their children and community remained intact.

… created an income plan that allowed them to retire earlier and take more income than they thought possible.

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You Can't Leave Retirement to Chance

If you are simply hoping things will work out, then you don’t have a dream. You have a wish.

It is essential to have a plan that will protect you against the ups and downs in life and ensure your retirement is secure.

These are your golden years — this is your dream — do you really want to leave it to chance?

Think of this book as a “self-check” tool for your plan, and use what you learn to identify and correct any areas of concern.

Not excited about another financial book?

Neither are we!

This is not another book about money — it’s about you, your family and the dreams you have.

We have seen firsthand how bad financial advice and inaccurate information can ruin financial futures and crush dreams. We are on a mission to change the financial industry, to turn confusion into clarity and see people live their dreams.

That’s why we wrote this book.

If you’re retired or getting ready to retire, rest assured that there are solutions to all the concerns you may have about your retirement. You can create and live your dream retirement!


Meet Bev & Michelle

With a combined 50+ years of experience helping thousands of clients create their dream retirement, Bev and Michelle are experts in the industry. They thrive on developing quality relationships with their clients as well as with specialists in other areas so they can help you define what you want and help you get there.

At the core of everything they do is their connection to God, and you can expect that to come through in their work. Honesty, integrity and personal growth are central to their lives and obvious in the work they do with their clients.