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Summary of the relief measures contained in the CARES Act

Provides recovery checks to most taxpayers, providing cash immediately to individuals and families. Individuals are eligible for checks up to $1,200 and married couples filing jointly are eligible for checks up to $2,400, with an extra $500 for each child. Even people with no income and or only Social Security income are eligible. So that…

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COVID 19 – New Market Era?

Common Portfolio Wisdom ~ “WE’RE IN A NEW ERA… OLD MARKET RULES DON’T APPLY” Pros – Many new factors: Internet, Baby Boomers, Global Markets, COVID 19 Cons – The appearance that we are smarter or this has never happened. Factors change; results consistent. Society may change, but human nature doesn’t. Axiom – We are never…

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The Fear Index is going up as the Market goes down

It doesn’t take an index to tell us that there is fear relating to the stock market right now, but the CNN Money fear index confirms this. The coronavirus impact on the market has been fierce, in the last few weeks the market has had some huge loses including the worse day since 2008. While…

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