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The Secrets to Buy Low, Sell High

Buy low and sell high. You have probably heard that said a hundred a thousand times in your life. The question becomes, how do you do that? How do you know when it’s the highest point to sell? How do you know when it’s the lowest point to buy? Unless you’re hiding some crystal ball,…

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Beware of Bonds

  When markets are volatile, like they have been this year, conservative investors tend to try to move more of their accounts to bonds, to reduce risk. The problem with that is that bonds are not risk-free. Wharton’s finance professor Jeremy Siegel recently did an interview on CNBC and he issued a warning to bondholders.…

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Covid-19 and Retirement

There has been much talk about who is at risk most health-wise from this virus, we all know economically businesses are being affected and unemployment is high, but there is another “at-risk” group that is receiving very little attention. That group is the retirees and the soon-to-be retirees. For those planning to retire in the…

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