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Important Questions YOU Need Answered (part 1)

There is lots of talk out there about the market as always. Experts debating on what will happen and when will the market go up or down? Will the feds change rates? What will happen to the market if this or that happens… All that makes for good news and conversation, but it doesn’t address…

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Retirement Myth – Diversification Pixie Dust

Diversification means I have low risk, right? Diversification has become like pixie dust in the financial world. People hear that word and think everything is good because they are diversified, but that is not always the case. The thought is if your diversified than you will have a lower risk because you are not putting all…

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Retirement Myth – There is no magic number!

How Much Do I Need To Retire? This is the million-dollar question! Whether we are on the radio, presenting at a live event or meeting one on one with someone, this question often comes up. If you google this, you find 49 MILLION answers! The fact is, this, like many retirement questions, does not have…

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