Iowa County Cancer Coalition

Cancer is a costly disease to manage.

The Iowa County Cancer Coalition was started and is governed by a local and volunteer board of directors.

The Coalition is a volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering financial assistance to active cancer patients who are residents of Iowa County, Wisconsin.

All money raised stays in Iowa County.

The Iowa County Cancer Coalition is dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors in Iowa County, Wisconsin, with some of their financial needs while battling this disease.

All monies raised will be given to those diagnosed with and currently being treated for cancer.

Assistance will be provided by giving gas cards, grocery cards, or paying a bill directly for the patient.

No cash will be given.​

How you can help?
​The Coalition will hold one major fundraiser each year.

They also encourage local communities and schools to help us raise money for cancer patients in our county.

Private donations are a critical part of our ability to continue to help others and are welcome at any time.

If you know of a current cancer patient in financial need, encourage them to seek assistance with the coalition using the contact page or via our website.

To learn more about the Iowa County Cancer Coalition please visit their website here. 

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