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Is Buying Gold and Silver a Good Idea?

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Is Buying Gold and Silver a Good Idea?

The goal of physical gold and silver is to hedge against inflation and US dollar valuation. Prove US Debt safe haven investment. Provide privacy and liquidity.

Gold has stood the test of time for over 6000 years as a monetary instrument as well as wealth insurance protection. Gold is the most liquid financial asset in the world. Gold is recognized and accepted throughout the world and can easily be stored, hidden or transported. For this reason owning physical gold represents financial independence, security and privacy.

As much as the reasons to buy and invest in gold have been talked about, silver may have even more upside potential. Silver like gold has been used as money for centuries. But silver has even more industrial uses and the supply of silver is diminishing fast!

Wall Street brokers for years have talked about the need to bring diversification into your financial plan. “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. This of course makes perfect sense, but Wall Street is really missing one key component – Precious Metals.

With that said, the question is how much gold and silver you should have and how do you buy it. There are different mutula funds and ETF’s that have gold and silver. The advantage of those funds is that it is easier to buy and sell them, but you lose some of the other advantages of owning the coins outright.

If you buy gold and/or silver with your non-qualified savings (aka, not through IRA’s or retirement accounts), you can actually take physical position of the coins. One of the advantages of that is the fact that gold and silver coins are a non-reportable asset. This means the government does not know you own them, privacy. Taxes become a non-issue until you sell.

You can use IRA money to buy gold and silver but then you have to store it in a vault, you cannot take position of it.

Another advantage as mentioned above is the hedge against inflation. Gold and silver values can increase even in times where the US dollar decreases in value, this gives you an un-corrilated asset and better diversity.

While there is liquitidy with gold and silver coins, you can always sell them or even use them to pake certain purchases – I know a guy who bought his last car with silver coins! However, I wouldn’t recommend you buy them for a short term investment. The advantages of gold and silver really make it a long term investment.

For those close to retirement, first be sure that you have a retirement income plan in place and then you can decide if buying gold and silver is right for you.

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