How to Leave a Legacy when you might need extra Medical help – The Jones’ Story!!!

The Joneses were the complete opposite of Ben: instead of taking too much market risk, they were taking too much purchasing power risk. They did not want market risk, so

They did not want market risk, so instead, they had everything in cash-type accounts that were making little to nothing.

They just didn’t know what their options were for greater gains, and so they decided they should come in to have a conversation with us.

Working through the DREAM Retirement process brought a couple other issues to light.


Their DREAM Retirement Blueprint included transferring some of their assets to Green Money solutions that allowed them to gain triple the interest while keeping their principal risk-free.

They were quite happy to be making more money without taking on market risk!


Another issue the Joneses’ DREAM Blueprint needed to address was long-term care. Because David had a degenerative movement disorder, he couldn’t qualify for a long-term care policy.

We accessed some tools that have long-term care riders that can double income for a five-year period.

By moving some of their funds to this kind of product, not only did they get a better return, but they also gained the peace of mind that if David does need long-term care down the road, they have help with those bills.

It won’t pay 100% of the care, but it will take a significant burden off their retirement income.


The last thing we addressed in their DREAM Retirement Blueprint was keeping a family homestead in the family.

The Joneses’ children weren’t able to take over the property and maintain it on a regular basis, but they wanted to have access to the home and the land for their fall family hunting trips.

A little work with an estate planning lawyer brought David’s sister into the picture to take care of the homestead, but keep it available for the kids during the hunting seasons.

David was deeply relieved that the homestead didn’t have to leave the family.


“We were doing fine before we went through the DREAM Retirement process,” commented Mr. Jones, “but we wanted to be more than fine. We wanted to address these issues and didn’t know how to do so. We now feel that we are set up in a much better way to allow us to continue living our DREAM Retirement regardless of what may happen and leave our legacy to our children.”


Michelle Bertram and Beverly Bertram are financial advisors living in Mineral Point WI and serving the surrounding communities. Michelle Bertram does financial planning for retirees along with business consulting. Beverly Bertram specializes in retirement planning and income planning for her clients. Michelle Bertram and Beverly Bertram are authors of the book, Creating You DREAM Retirement and creators of the DREAM Retirement Process.
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